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 I found the best way to learn how to follow vintage patterns,

as well as preserve them, is to make small items like bookmarks!


This bookmark is made from an insertion in the:

DMC Library: Crochet Work VI Series

by: Theresa De Dillmont

The photo is on pg. 33 and the instructions on pg. 38. I used the center of the insertion only in this design. The outer rows are typical of Irish crochet. What did I learn from these instructions? A 'single' is a slip stitch and a 'plain' is a single crochet. It also says '1 treble 1 1/2 long' which I believe to mean a double crochet that has an extra yarn over (although I could be mistaken). This was made in #40 thread. Once I understood the instructions, it was easy and quick!


I'll add more as I complete them!