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If you want to know about the history of Clones Irish crochet lace, this book is for you.

Maire Treanor's research has rekindled interest in the art of Irish crochet. Visit the lacemakers of Clones, Ireland, past and present, and read how the ingenious  women of Ireland developed one of the most sought after laces of the 19th century.

Also included is the diagrammed Clones knot, motifs, and beginners patterns.

Published by Mercier Press

ISBN 1-85635-383-4


Barbara Ballantyne has published a guide to filet crochet that every crochet lace maker must have in their library.

Learn from one of the pioneers of crochet lace, Australian Mary Card, renown for her filet and Irish crochet lace techniques.

This is Barbara's second publication. To learn more about her first book (the photo on the right) visit her website at: