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Crochet Lace Links A history of Clones lace.  A terrific site for beautiful beaded crochet with books, kits, and beading spinner.  A great site explaining old and new techniques.  Get to know author Barbara Ballantyne and learn more about her books.  A great site for vintage patterns books! Tabitha was very cooperative when I  made a special request for crochet lace pattern books only. You will need to search the vintage collections for the books to see which ones you would like.  What can I say about this's a treasure of public domain lace books!  Various types of Irish lace are shown on this site, including Irish crochet.  A treasure chest of vintage books! You'll find pre 1900 and post 1900, Irish crochet and more!  This is Beeton's Book of Needlework! You have to give the pictures time to download, but the text comes up immediately.

Group Links    Terrific photos, occasional eye candy, and some crochet alongs.    A group of various skilled individuals.    My own yahoo group.

Lace Links  An informative and instructional site with a great gallery of various laces, including Irish crochet samples.  A terrific lace chat available here!  Online tatting class available  Bina Maden's tatting site with techniques and patterns.

Virtual Museums  Go on a virtual tour!  Click on 'Preview'. After reading the history, click on 'slide show' and enjoy!