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Clones Irish Crochet Lace Collar

Newly completed collar to fit 6 year old girl. To read more about this collar in the making

Click here


Needlecraft-No. 27

Irish Crochet Lace 2nd series

Flower- fig. 17


The flower pattern is taken from Needlecraft. The crochet braid used is an outline is used in Romanian Point Lace. I also used a needle lace stitch for the background instead of a crochet filling normally used in Irish crochet.


 Clones Lace Coaster

The background consists of long Clones knots with closed Clones knots around the center rose.

This design is adapted from Maire Treanor's book:

Clones Lace: The Story and Patterns of an Irish crochet.

Irish Crochet Teddy Bear Necklace Purse

Designed by: Mary Ann Brooks & Mindy Al-Aaraji

A class project on my yahoo group at: 


Emerald Clover Necklace Purse

Design by: Mindy Al-Aaraji

This necklace is made from pattern book 6 of my Irish crochet necklace series. This thread is a #60 Coats mercer and has been discontinued. There are only 2 necklaces made from this thread, one for Maire Treanor of Clones, Ireland and the  myself and the other for myself. It is my favorite necklace!

To read more about my necklace series click here


Irish Crochet Snowflake

Design by: Mindy Al-Aaraji

For free pattern click here