Triple Loose Ring

By: Mindy Al-Aaraji 


This technique is an easier way to make a ring without having to work in chains! It is great for making small flowers for crochet lace and comfortable for crocheters who suffer from arthritis. 



Start with winding the thread 'anti-clockwise' around you index finger 3 times. Insert the hook under the first and second thread and grab the third thread with your hook. Draw thru second and first thread and ch 1.

After you have chained 1, gently slide the rings off your finger. Try not to twist the rings around each other. Make a rocking motion back and forth until the rings slides off easily.

You now have 2 rings and 1 end that are anchored together with 1 chain.




Work the amount of stitches required by pattern over all threads.


Now, gently pull the end (A) until one of the rings close slightly (B).




Gently pull ring B at the point that the last st was made. This will close ring C.

Pull B until C is closed tightly.

Gently pull A until ring B is closed. Pull tight.


The ring is now complete.

Cut end leaving 1/8" from work.

Note: The end has been shortened for demonstration.



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