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By: Mindy Al-Aaraji ©2004


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Grandmother's Tatted Heart



This is a versatile motif, which can be used to make a small doily, or placed on a card, or as a bookmark.


Materials: 2 shuttles
                  #20 Coats thread
                  5- delica beads #11/0
CTM=continuous thread method
Red= S2 is core flipping ds to S1 thread
Blue= S2 wrapping lark’s head knots over S1 core
SCMR= self closing mock ring
R= ring
SR= split ring
Ch= chain
“-“ or p= small picot
“--“= medium picot
“---“= long picot (length of 2 beads and space to join) 
lppr= last picot previous ring
lppch= last picot previous chain


Pattern instructions

CTM adding 3 beads to shuttle 1  
SCMR A: 5 Ch a: 3 --- 3
                 [R B: 6-4=2.] SR K: 3+ (R B) 3/2-2-2-2
                 [R C: 2+ (lppr) 6-6=2.] SR L: 3-3/2-2-2-2-2
                 [R D: 2+ (lppr) 4=6.] SR M: 3+ (p of R C) 3/2-2-2-2-2
                 Push up one bead, 8 SR N: 3-3/2-2-2-2-2
                 [R E: 4+ (lppr) 6=2.] SR O: 3-3/3-3
                 [R F: 2+ (lppr) 5-3-3-5=2.] SR P: 3-3/3-3
                 [R G: 2+ (lppr) 6=4.] SR Q: 3+ (mp of R F) 3/3-3
                 Push up one bead, 8 SR R: 2+ (s p of R F) 2/2-1-1-1-1-1-2
                 [R H: 4+ (lppr) 6=2.] SR S: 3+ (mp of R F) 3/3-3
                 [R I: 2+ (lppr) 6-6=2.] SR T: 3-3/-3-3
                 [R J: 2+ (lppr) 4=6.] SR U: 3-3/3-3
                 Push up one bead, 5, cl. SR V: 3-3/2-2-2-2-2
  SR W: 3+ (p of R I) 3/2-2-2-2-2
  SR X: 3-3/2-2-2-2-2
  SR Y: 3+ (p of R J) 3/2-2-2-2
Ch b: 3 (place 2 beads over long p) + (lppch) 3



If used alone, fasten off ends with method of choice.                 

However, if used as a bookmark, one can simply

thread the ends up through the joined picots of the

chain and hide them within a tassel.